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Dynamic Analysis of Wind Effect on a Solar Tracker

This project was carried out to analyze the possible dynamic effects generated by the wind on a solar tracker structure, not contemplated in a conventional static analysis.


CivilFEM powered by Marc allows to simulate the behavior of real life structures, dramatically saving costs, time and optimizing results.

This Report shows the results obtained in the analysis for the design wind situation once the structure has been modified for its fulfillment.

The Solar Tracker structure consists of a horizontal axis square profile tubing (torsion beam) supported by vertical elements embedded in the terrain.


Panels are mounted upon the tube by a series of purlins to which the panels are attached. The axis of rotation is horizontal with respect to the ground and the motor is located at the center of the axis. The rotation is restricted at this point and it is free in the bearings on which the axis is attached to the posts.







Finite Element Transient Analisis:




After obtaining the first results of dynamic effects due to the interaction between the wind and the panel (angles and frequencies), the moments generated in the central tube were applied from these results.

From the transient analysis of the FEM model of the structure, the performance over time of the tracker's structure is calculated, obtaining the maximum tension and moment that they have during the first seconds.


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