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Analysis of a Reinforced Concrete Tunnel Below Madrid Airport

Construction Process & Cracking Analysis of a Reinforced Concrete Tunnel of road M-111 running underneath Madrid-Barajas airport.

Several 2D/3D models of the soil-structure interaction was conducted, as well as the dimensioning of the reinforcement needed in the tunnel for the different zones and loads from tunnel backfilled.


CivilFEM for ANSYS allows to simulate the behavior of real life structures, dramatically saving costs, time and optimizing results.



M-111 road between Barajas and Paracuellos (Madrid).
• Opened in 2003
• Phase 1:
Tunnel of 3530 meters
2624 m. of tunnel under the satellite building of the airport, 3rd take-off runway and park platform.
• Phase 2:
Paracuellos roundabout
Control of deformations: Convergence Control in real time, obtaining results and graphs during the different phases.


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