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CFD Study of channeling infrastructure

The foreseen works for the channeling of the water in the Argamasilla ravine included different secondary streams. The aim of the channeling project is to alleviate the constant floods that from time to time affect the city of Écija (Seville).


The 2D simulation did not allow us to tackle the complete channeling analysis. Furthermore, it was necessary to analyze the transient evolution of the incoming flood and not assume a steady state flow. For this reason, a three-dimensional study of the incoming flood was modeled with ANSYS-CFX, taking into account the elevated water level in the Genil River, which is where the simulated channeling flows into.


The simulation shows the behavior of the flood in a transient regime, with a return period of 50 years in the last section of the Argamasilla ravine channeling zone. The results showed that the initially projected solution did not take into account the behavior of the flood at the initial moment. When the flood finds its outlet blocked by the Genil River, the water impacts against the upper wall and emerges through the upper ventilation grids, creating a water jump, which flows back through the internal part of the duct. This study and its results were used for ensuring a correct redesign of the installation.


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