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Seismic qualification of a dry transformer

The purpose of this study was the seismic qualification of a dry transformer for a project in Saudi Arabia through a response spectrum analysis or RSA, using the Finite Element Method.


Response spectrum analyses allow checking the equipment against seismic effects. To conduct a spectral analysis, a modal analysis must be conducted initially and, once the modes and associated frequencies have been obtained, these will be combined through the SRSS or CQC method, as stipulated in the regulations, based on the participation factors and the defined spectrum.


Therefore, the applicable spectrum and its direction or directions of application must be defined.


The following analyses were conducted to perform a seismic qualification:

•    Equipment’s self weight analysis, in order to estimate the stability and proper functioning of the Finite Element Method.
•    Modal analysis.
•    Three spectrum analyses (Response Spectrum Analysis – RSA) in the three directions (two horizontal and one vertical).
•    Verification of results from the RSA through an upper boundary analysis.

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