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In the area of CAE consultancy Ingeciber is working in Mechanical and Civil Engineering, having the structure of two Departments:

- The Mechanical and CFD Engineering department
- Civil and Hydraulic Engineering department.
The engineering departments have dealt with different projects using FEM and CFD software, such as structural analyses, heat transfer, fluid analysis using CFD software, electromagnetism, rigid/flexible solid mechanics – mechanical systems, etc.  The industries and sectors related to these analyses have been Petrochemical Industry, Oil & Gas sector, NPP, Water Industry and Renewable Energy.  Some examples of the work performed by the Mechanical and CFD Engineering department are shown in the documents below.
The FEM and CFD software available for the engineering departments to use to perform these analyses are:  ANSYS, CivilFEM for ANSYS, CivilFEM powered by Marc, CFD++, XFlow and modeFRONTIER.
Mechanical and CFD Engineering DPT
Civil and Hydraulic Engineering DPT

Vibrational analysis of a gas oil storage column. Read more ... Seismic recalculation of NPP Mochovce.  Read more ...

Seismic qualification of a dry transformer.
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Foundation repair checking of wind turbines. Read more ...

CFD Aerodynamic study of a drone aircraft.
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Vibrational analysis of a cryoplant building for ITER project. Read more ...

CFD Study of turbine exhaust gases. Read more ...
CFD Study of channeling infrastructure.
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